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1.  Original form of the high school diploma and  translations approved by the a notary public or the Turkish Embassy / Consulates (Translation is not needed for  the diplomas originally published in the Turkish language),

2. Equivalency Certificate  which will be taken from Republic of Turkey Ministry of Education  or Turkish Consulates.

3. The original exam document and the  Turkish sample approved by the Turkish notary in your country, or the Turkish Embassy / Consulate.

4. The original and notarized passport translated into Turkish (including Student Visa page  given by Turkish Embassies / Consulates ) and approved by Turkish Ambassy.

5. Students from outside Turkey (except Cyprus), are required to submit "Student Visa" given by

Turkey's foreign representations. Apply for Student Visa with the Letter of Acceptance" will be sent by International Student Office.

6. Registration of those who enter Turkey without student  visa will not be approved. (except for citizens of the TRNC)

7. Students who reside in Turkey are required to submit  "Residence Permit" organized by the General Directorate of Security of the Ministry of Internal Affairs Department of Foreigners

8. The student tuition fees receipt,

9. Photographs  identical to each other ,  newly  taken by  the front shot,  4.5x6 size

10. Turkish Language Proficiency Certificate and a certified copy of the original.

11. The original and a certified copy of TOEFL or IELTS exam results.

10.Foreign National Identification Number (Residence Permit for Foreign National ID is required)

12. Health Insurance  taken from Social Security Agency (Access to insurance will be done via Foreign Identity Number, Registration will not be approved for students who do not have  health insurance).

12.Income assurance.